D2Z Podcast
Brandon talks with Chathri Ali, Technology Partnerships for email/SMS and customer data platform Klaviyo, one of the most powerful technology integrators in the Shopify ecosystem. They talk about technology integrations, how integrations can make tech stacks more powerfu...

1 August 2022

D2Z Podcast
I’m talking with Brett Bernstein, Founder, and CEO at Gatsby, the automated influencer marketing platform that scales communities by syncing Instagram and TikTok insights with Klaviyo, Gorglas, LoyaltyLion, Stamped, and a whole bunch more. We go into the importance of bu...

25 July 2022

D2Z Podcast
I’m with Lewis Schenk, an Australia-based entrepreneur who focuses on personal branding and strengthening their online presence. We talk about entrepreneurship and cultivating a mindset that embraces and learns from failure, the correlation of business and sports, person...

18 July 2022

D2Z Podcast
Brandon talks with Lauren Schwartz, Owner & Creative Director at The Loft 325, a creative content company for DTC brands, about the importance of creative content in marketing. Lauren and Brandon talk about DTC trends, diversifying creative, testing channels and camp...

11 July 2022

D2Z Podcast
Brandon talks with Shanif Dhanani, the CEO of Apteo, a platform that helps ecommerce brands create hyper-personalized marketing from their customer data. They talk about collecting data and the importance of using it to make a good experience for the customer. Shanif and...

5 July 2022

D2Z Podcast
Brandon talks with Cameron Faist, Director of E-Commerce at Aura Bora the beverage company that wants you to drink weird water and who creates amazing herb, fruit, and flower sparkling water. Cameron and Brandon talk about e-commerce and CPG marketing, best practices and...

27 June 2022

D2Z Podcast
Brandon talks with Gen Furukawa, e-commerce veteran and co-founder of Prehook, a leading quiz platform for Shopify merchants. Gen and Brandon talk about zero party data and leveraging it to its most potential, making a cohesive tech stack, and educating merchants on how ...

20 June 2022

D2Z Podcast
Brandon talks with Shray Joshi, CEO and Founder of Good Peeps, a digital marketing agency focused on brands that are both online and in store. Shray and Brandon talk about content strategies, building a brand, and what content means in today’s world. They explore the ove...

6 June 2022

Expert Commentary
Conversations at ChargeX Part 2 with Electriq, Chelsea & Rachel, Trellis, Lucid and FlowCandy

3 June 2022

D2Z Podcast
Brandon talks with Ben Parr, co-founder and president at Octane AI, the zero-party data marketing platform for Shopify brands. Ben and Brandon discuss generations, all about Octane AI, and the best way to increase revenue through personalization. They go into building te...

30 May 2022